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Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane: What You Can Do Now to Stress Less the Next Time a Storm Comes

When you live in an area where hurricanes are commonplace, your home insurance is likely to be higher due to being a greater risk. Luckily, there are several precautions you can put in place to help prevent costly damage from hurricanes that will also keep insurance premiums down and let your mind rest a little easier knowing your home is protected.

Hurricane shutters come in various styles and functionality.

Living along a common hurricane path, many houses in our area are equipped with permanent hurricane shutters perfectly fitted to the houses’ aesthetics. Temporary shutters can be just as functional as permanent fixtures, but may not look as aesthetically pleasing as a permanent fixture.

Whichever style you choose, the complexity of your installation will depend on whether you’re looking for a permanent investment or a temporary fix. Make sure to have your shutters installed by reliable professionals in order to remain up to state and local code and down in insurance premiums.

Special hurricane windows are an excellent option for protection.

If you’re looking for a way to supplement the destruction prevention your hurricane shutters provide, this would be the way to go. Some individuals opt to only have hurricane windows installed and forgo storm shutters completely. However, when used together or when saving to afford hurricane impact windows, shutters are a viable option.

Hurricane windows get the job done, and do it well. They’re created to withstand the impact of flying debris without shattering due to a layer of laminate between double-paned glass. Installation can be similar to hurricane shutters, but they are more efficient in the case of a sudden storm. While shutters must be deployed to be effective, hurricane windows will provide immediate protection even when you’re not at home to notice.

A hurricane door should be the crowning armor on your home.

If you’re truly intent on protecting your home from damaging high winds and flying debris, install a sturdy and trustworthy impact-resistance hurricane door. Beautiful sunny days make having wide doors to a patio or deck very appealing. But, when a hurricane picks up your patio furniture and throws it against your house at 150+ miles per hour, your family is safest behind the hurricane door you had the foresight to install ahead of time.

With knowledgeable, professional installers ensuring a perfect fit and code compliance of all hurricane home improvements, your family can rest easy even when it storms. Call Black Rhino today in West Palm Beach at 561-989-8787 or in Broward at 954-734-4411. Request your free consultation to see how we can help protect your home from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Do Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors Cost More?

Recent weather events may have you wondering about the best way to keep your home safe during a hurricane. The safest and most convenient way to protect your home is to install hurricane, or impact resistant, windows and doors. 

If you live close to the coast in South Florida, it is likely that you at least have hurricane shutters. But are hurricane shutters enough to keep your home safe during severe weather? They are a great first step, but probably not, as hurricane shutters leave your home vulnerable to wind or water damage if the glass behind them breaks during a severe weather. 

In a high wind situation, a broken window or unsealed door can be disastrous for a home. It allows the outside, pressurized air to rush in and then expand which can result in rapid air movement and catastrophic pressure equalizations. Current impact-resistant windows can be manufactured to withstand wind speeds greater than 140 miles per hour. 

Hurricane Windows and Doors Spare the Time and Expense of Hurricane Prep

Hurricane windows and doors are much more convenient than shutters. You don’t have to worry about pulling down or putting up the hurricane shutters. This can be a chore and time consuming, and time is precious during an evacuation order.

If you are not a full-time resident or happen to be out of town when disaster strikes, there is no scrambling to get back to your property for hurricane prep or finding someone else to do it for you. 

Sometimes, the weather takes a turn and the hurricane heads in another direction, but now you have the hassle of undoing everything you did to prepare for the storm. With hurricane windows and doors, your home is constantly protected with no extra effort from you. 

Hurricane Windows and Doors Offer Cost Savings Compared to Traditional Counterparts

Hurricane windows and doors may seem expensive since the investment is a little more upfront, but they save you money in many ways. The savings is substantial, and the windows pay for themselves in a short amount of time. 

In the powerful South Florida sun, our windows save you money on your energy bill as they keep your home sealed from any hot or cold air escaping or coming into the home. Also, impact resistant windows block out most of the sun’s UV rays, saving your flooring and furniture from sun damage. 

Most significantly, hurricane windows and doors save you money on your homeowners insurance. The state of Florida requires that insurers offer homeowners a “protected home” discount. This discount is usually higher when impact resistant windows are installed, because windows are one of the most vulnerable points in the home. 

Impact windows and doors are far superior to other options for home protection during severe weather. While it’s hard to pinpoint exact cost savings for homeowners, we do know that it may cost up to a few thousand more to build or replace windows with hurricane-resistant products. However, compared to the money and time you won’t spend repairing and replacing items in your home after storm damage, plus reduced insurance premiums, you can come out much further ahead after weathering just one storm.

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For the best way to protect your home from hurricanes, call us at (954) 734-4411 or stop into our showroom on Northwest Boca Raton Boulevard. We’d love to show you the difference hurricane windows and doors can make. We can help you achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home has the best protection possible, while saving you money by allowing you to buy direct from the manufacturer.


Hurricane Windows Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale

Hurricane Windows Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale

The frequency and occurrences of Hurricanes have increased significantly in many parts of the world and particularly in the United States of America. Houses get badly damaged during hurricanes. It is always better to be safe than to repent afterwards. So, you should ensure that your house is prepared well before a hurricane hits. You can actually save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent in repairing your home. One of the most effective ways to protect your homes is by installing hurricane windows.

Functions of hurricane windows

Although there cannot be any window that is 100 percent hurricane-proofs, these hurricane windows are made of impact-resistant shutters or glass that are equipped to withstand winds of great force. Some hurricane windows also feature a heavy-duty frame surrounding the glass that can prevent the structure of the home from getting collapsed. Strong gust of wind can get inside the house when the glass breaks. Subsequently even the walls or roofs of the building can collapse as there is a difference in the pressure indoors and outdoors. Hurricane shutters, strong window frames and impact-resistant glass are made in such a manner that such occurrences can be minimized.

Hurricane shutters

Hurricane shutters are used for covering the windows especially during strong storms so that debris and wind can be prevented from getting in contact with the glass. There are different types of hurricane shutters in the market to choose from.

Merits of Hurricane windows

Hurricane windows are designed in a manner to resist winds up to a speed of two hundred miles per hour. Moreover, such windows do not reduce the visual appeal of your house. Hurricane windows are available in variety of sizes and styles and are energy efficient in nature. Very little maintenance is required for these windows and they also offer protection from Ultra Violet rays. They can protect your homes from intruders and result in low sound travel. They can protect your home against hurricanes without any extra work. A decorative flair can be added by the hurricane shutters in your house.

Selecting the correct hurricane windows

As discussed earlier, there are various types of hurricane windows available in the market today. So selecting the correct one may be a tedious task for you at times. But there are a few simple tips that will enable you to make the right decision. Firstly, you can consult your family members or close friends who have already installed hurricane windows or door. Also, you must make sure that you are not compromising with the quality of the materials while purchasing them. You must also check out whether the products come with warranty period or not.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Doors

Hurricane impact doors are essential if you live in hurricane infested areas. Even if you don’t live in such areas, it can actually help to improve the energy efficiency of your home, and help protect the interior of your home from different elements. It can also protect your health by reducing noise levels from outside, and from sun’s UV (Ultra Violet) rays. Following are the benefits of impact doors in detail.

Protection from hurricane and burglars

Impact doors provide effective hurricane protection. They are built to withstand strong winds. They can provide effective burglar resistance as well. All you have to do is keep them closed and locked. Accordions, hurricane panels or other protective devices are not essential to meet the building codes when an approved impact door is installed.

Energy Efficient

Impact doors can significantly reduce the cooling and heating costs by reducing the home energy consumption. During summer, it can keep the heat out, and during winter, it can retain the heat inside. From standard laminated impact glass to insulated laminated impact glass, impact doors come in a variety of tinted and high-performance low-E coated materials.

Variety of styles

Impact doors come in a variety of styles. From french doors to decorative entrance doors, you can select one according to your taste. You also have the option for sliding doors and hinged doors. In effect, hurricane impact doors will not only protect you from hurricanes but also help to increase the aesthetic value of your home.

Insurance premium discounts

Impact doors are effective windstorm protective systems recognized by the insurance companies. That means, if your impact doors meet with the insurance company’s wind mitigation requirements, you are eligible to receive insurance discounts.

Noise reduction

Impact doors help to reduce the outside noise considerably. This is especially helpful if you live near an airport or a playground or a busy intersection or near highways. The multiple layers of laminated / insulated laminated glass and its properties effectively disperse sound waves, to reduce noise transmission.

Ultra Violet (UV) protection

The properties of the laminated hurricane glass help to reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays from damaging the interior furniture, flooring, pictures, draperies, and other valuable items inside the home. It also protects your skin from increased UV exposure.

There are many building contract companies that can help you install hurricane impact doors professionally. It is always better to go with professional installation, than doing it yourself.