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Benefits of Hurricane Impact Doors

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Hurricane impact doors are essential if you live in hurricane infested areas. Even if you don’t live in such areas, it can actually help to improve the energy efficiency of your home, and help protect the interior of your home from different elements. It can also protect your health by reducing noise levels from outside, and from sun’s UV (Ultra Violet) rays. Following are the benefits of impact doors in detail.

Protection from hurricane and burglars

Impact doors provide effective hurricane protection. They are built to withstand strong winds. They can provide effective burglar resistance as well. All you have to do is keep them closed and locked. Accordions, hurricane panels or other protective devices are not essential to meet the building codes when an approved impact door is installed.

Energy Efficient

Impact doors can significantly reduce the cooling and heating costs by reducing the home energy consumption. During summer, it can keep the heat out, and during winter, it can retain the heat inside. From standard laminated impact glass to insulated laminated impact glass, impact doors come in a variety of tinted and high-performance low-E coated materials.

Variety of styles

Impact doors come in a variety of styles. From french doors to decorative entrance doors, you can select one according to your taste. You also have the option for sliding doors and hinged doors. In effect, hurricane impact doors will not only protect you from hurricanes but also help to increase the aesthetic value of your home.

Insurance premium discounts

Impact doors are effective windstorm protective systems recognized by the insurance companies. That means, if your impact doors meet with the insurance company’s wind mitigation requirements, you are eligible to receive insurance discounts.

Noise reduction

Impact doors help to reduce the outside noise considerably. This is especially helpful if you live near an airport or a playground or a busy intersection or near highways. The multiple layers of laminated / insulated laminated glass and its properties effectively disperse sound waves, to reduce noise transmission.

Ultra Violet (UV) protection

The properties of the laminated hurricane glass help to reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays from damaging the interior furniture, flooring, pictures, draperies, and other valuable items inside the home. It also protects your skin from increased UV exposure.

There are many building contract companies that can help you install hurricane impact doors professionally. It is always better to go with professional installation, than doing it yourself.