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Benefits of Impact Windows

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An impact window provides protection for your windows, as well as to your whole house, from different elements, like hurricanes, strong winds, UV (Ultra Violet) light, and so on. Following are the benefits of impact windows.

Single installation

Impact windows have to be installed just once. It will provide continuous protection from then onward. It is a permanent installation. To understand better, take the case of hurricane shutters. They have to be put up, and down, every time there is a hurricane warning, which can be quite a hassle.

Energy efficient

Impact windows can block the sun rays to an extent, during summer, thus reducing heat inside the house. They can also retain the heat in your home during the winter season. This helps to make your home energy efficient, thus resulting in lower electricity bills.

Added protection

Most of the impact windows consist of several layers of synthetic or glass materials that make them hard to shatter or penetrate. This protects the interior of the home from flying debris during a hurricane. It also provides that added protection to your home from burglars attempting to break in.

Aesthetic value

Impact windows will not interfere with the aesthetic value of your home. They are just glass / synthetic materials that are used to cover the windows. They don’t impair your vision to the outside area. In fact, impact windows will add value to your home, especially if you are living in hurricane infested areas.

UV (Ultra Violet) protection

Impact windows provide protection from UV light. UV light can not only cause damage to your furniture but also can cause harm to your skin as well. It will cause the interiors to fade, and discolor. Impact windows will ensure that your fabrics, photographs, artwork, and paint are protected from UV light.

Noise reduction

Impact windows can considerably reduce the noise levels from outside. This is especially helpful if you live near a busy highway or intersection or near a factory or a railway station. Outside noise levels can at times be very distracting, and disrupting.

Hurricane shutters are less expensive, however, the benefits of impact windows far exceed than that of hurricane shutters.