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Impact Doors Ft Lauderdale

Impact Doors Ft Lauderdale

Those living in hurricane prone regions understand the importance of impact doors. Even though the first priority for those investing in residential real estate in Ft Lauderdale is location, products that are tolerant to hurricane are the deciding factor. Ft Lauderdale is prone to severe weather conditions for almost half a year. Covering openings like windows and doors with sheets of plywood is a thing of the past. The current trend is focused on investing in impact doors and windows which offer ultimate weather protection. They are designed in a way to offer protection to homes from flying debris during hurricanes and tropical storms.

The benefits of these doors are multifarious:

Superior energy efficiency: many- layered laminated impact glass offers higher insulation and regulates indoor temperature there by reducing heating and cooling costs. The design also considers current energy demands.

External noise cancellation: surrounding noise is significantly reduced by glass laminates by inter layer absorption.

Increased residential security: breaking and entering is a major security concern. Owing to its design and impact resistance unlawful entry is checked. The windows are shatter proof too. Compromised security will be the least of your worries.

UV and Sun protection: expensive interior décor like rugs, furniture and art work will not fade over time as 99% of harmful UV rays are cut off. Internal temperature is also maintained.

Impact doors offer equal disaster protection and financial gain. They are usually a one- time investment. Unlike using plywood which break on a single impact, impact threshold of specific doors and windows are high. Expenses are cut because replacement isn’t as frequent. Home owners are more receptive to remodeling regular door to impact doors and shutters for two reasons: reason one being the obvious superior protection and the second reason being long term financial gain. Many insurance policies offer added subsidiary for houses with impact doors and windows. It is easier to sleep better knowing you are completely protected within the confines of your home which is invaluable.

When natural calamities strike, there is nothing in our power to reduce the destruction caused. Recent hurricane left thousands homeless and hurt. Houses are uprooted like they are made of clay by a gust of very strong wind. This phenomenon is attributed to steep pressure gradients inside and outside the house. When strong winds pass over the ceiling the external pressure is reduced two feet over the ceiling while the internal pressure remains high. The high pressure thrusts upward to make up for pressure loss thus lifting the house off the ground. Installing impact resistant doors and shutters regulates the internal temperature there by regulating internal pressure. The pressure gradient experienced in these homes is not strong enough to lift the house off the ground. The house remains deeply grounded while it is protected from external objects that are flung around by strong winds.

All impact doors available in Ft Lauderdale are in compliance with the set test standards and building regulations. They are labeled according to strength and certification.

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Benefits of Impact Windows

Hurricanes have gotten severe, intense, and increasingly destructive over the last five years. The situation has led many local governments around the more vulnerable parts of the country to make changes in the building code. Now there are specific instructions on how doors and windows are to be built and installed. Government codes aside, it only makes sense from a safety perspective to have sturdy windows in your home.

Impact windows

Impact windows are the souped up versions of regular windows. To achieve the impact rating, they are put to extensive safety and toughness tests. Most impact doors and windows in the market today have a sign on them that looks like a missile and there are two types, a small missile and a big one. The small missile is a toughness test that is carried out by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), it involves firing thirty pieces of roofing materials and gravel at the window at a velocity of 80 feet per second. The second test is done by firing a six foot piece of 2×4 lumber at the window from a cannon. They are different tests designed for different situations and one may not necessarily be better than the other.

Benefits of impact windows


Safety is the first benefit. These windows are designed to withstand strong winds and keep their structural form even after getting hit by flying particles kicked up by the wind.

Insurance breaks

Cost of insurance will come down in homes that have impact rated doors and windows installed. The discounts are given simply because homes with these doors and windows are not only difficult to break, but also hard to break into.

Energy efficient

Impact windows are known to give their users major savings in terms of heat and air conditioning. They have low-E coats, which make them good insulators and reduce the solar related heat transfer. Another important feature is the U factor, it is a number given to denote how much heat is retained inside the house; when this is done well, HVAC costs naturally come down. There is also the issue of UV filtration, which more recent windows can look into without reducing the visibility through the glass.

Noise control

Impact windows effectively prevent noise outside the house from coming in. It can also keep the house calm even if there is a storm raging outside. It is an additional benefit if you live near a bus station, a busy intersection, or an airport.


While it is possible to get standard plate glass in a variety of shades, impact windows can do it while also providing increased protection. There is a wide range of colors and tints to choose from with finishes and styles to match your decor.

If you live in an area that is frequented by storms and hurricanes, you should definitely consider impact windows, even if the law does not require you to do so.

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