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You can’t put a price on protection. Everything we do is insignificant when nature’s fury unfolds. Hurricane’s wrath doesn’t stop at uprooting establishments and homes.

Palm Beach has been a victim of hurricane disaster from 1871, with over 67 incidents. 26 of these impacted the city’s infrastructure directly. The disaster of 1871 wiped off half of A1A Avenue. From an extensive research conducted including data from National Hurricane center, Palm Beach is prone to a brush or a hit by a hurricane or a tropical storm once in 2.07 years. In every 5.56 years it experiences a direct hit by winds at hurricane force. The last decade has witnessed 4 incidents: two in September 2004 with wind speeds of 105 mph and 120 mph respectively and one in October 2005 with a fast moving wind speed of 105mph. The last hit that caused severe destruction was in October 2006 by the hurricane Wilma.

The question now is: how do you protect your home and your loved ones? To improve your chances of staying on ground and ensuring the safety of your family and yourself it is time to invest in hurricane doors.

Hurricane doors are special high impact tolerant doors that minimize damage cause by objects flying around with high velocity. These doors are devised to be tougher to stand against the storm and offer protection from all external threats. The doors are manufactured using latest technology adopting strong materials and best in class forging techniques. The impact doors in West Palm Beach can face the most adverse situations and come out unscathed.

The secondary benefits offered by impact doors apart from safety at the time of hurricanes are:

  • Varied range of designs.
  • Availability in vibrant hues.
  • Heavy duty strength.
  • Ambient noise reduction.
  • Stepped up security.
  • Appreciation of home value.
  • Savings in the long run.
  • Home insurance benefits.
  • Improved longevity of homes.

There are many manufacturers and impact doors installers in West Palm Beach. Apart from instillation few companies offer services like:


  • Arrangement of furniture during and post installation.


  • Safeguarding expensive home décor like carpets, rugs and furniture during the installation process.


  • Working with only high quality materials.


  • Final inspection of the completed process by certified supervisors.


  • Cleaning up post installation.


Why are impact doors important?

When natural calamities strike, there is nothing in our power to control the destruction caused. Houses get uprooted like they are made of play-doh by very strong winds. This phenomenon is attributed to steep pressure gradients inside and outside the house. When strong winds pass over the ceiling the external pressure is reduced two feet over the ceiling while the internal pressure remains high. The high pressure thrusts upward to make up for pressure loss thus lifting the house off the ground. Installing impact resistant doors and shutters regulates the internal temperature there by regulating internal pressure. The pressure gradient experienced in these homes is not strong enough to lift the house off the ground. The house remains deeply grounded while it is protected from external objects that are flung around by strong winds.

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